The staircase

Staircase design

More than ever, staircases hold an important place when building and decorating your home. Over the years, they have become a decorative element that sets the tone to the rest of the design. Staircases can become actual sculptures and architecture projects to optimize spacing. Whether they are made of wood, steel, stainless steel or glass, a staircase's components always make it unique.

Self-supporting structure, no-riser staircase, horizontal banisters... The staircase is headed on a whole new journey. While wood is always present and steel is more popular than ever, most people agree that glass components seem to fulfill this need for lightness.

Staircases have stood in the shadows for a long time, and now they are finally stepping into the light. 


CONTEMPORARY STAIRCASE Staircase design in Montreal

  • Contemporary staircase

Residential staircases transform into useful work of arts that hold a clear trajectory and simple and refined lines. Contemporary staircase models have been stealing the show for a few years and can be adapted to any trending design.


Traditional staircase

Traditional staircase

The traditional staircase stands out with its classic design and smooth curves. Over the centuries, is has survived different trends and eras. This is because their curvy wood poles and complex, massive appearance gives presence to any house.


Glass central stringer staircase Glass central stringer staircase

Central stringer staircase

This type of staircase is really a contemporary sculpture that adds dynamics to a house. The wooden or steel central stinger, the absence of risers and the refined lines make it the model of choice for people that wish for a good light flow in the the staircase.


Spiral staircase Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase, also called helical staircase or winding staircase, is extremely useful when it comes to saving space. However, this staircase is usually considered a secondary staircase.


stairs with built-in lights Staircases with built-in lights

Built-in LED lights staircases

Pour darker spots or simply to add a nice vibe, lights blend in well in staircases.