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Glass can be used as a guardrail and brings lightness and transparency to staircases, as well as a refined, trendy look. Not only are glass rail guards useful for safety, they also work really well on an aesthetic level. A guardrail made of glass panels has multiple advantages:  it lets light flow through and gives an impression of grandeur to all the rooms. Tempered-glass' great resistance allows to realize the most audacious concepts.


stainless steel guardrail Montreal stainless steel guardrail stainless steel guardrail

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a very trendy design that remains a first choice in modern and contemporary designs. However, some types do not conform to Quebec's Code du bâtiment and, consequently, it is best to inquire with a specialist before integrating them to a new decor. 


Steel bars Guardrail steel bars Wooden bars

Metal poles

Metal poles offer a multitude of possibility to design a guardrail. More affordable than glass guardrails, they are a smart choice to create a space to your liking without busting your budget.


Wood bars Wood bars

Wood bars

Wood is the easy choice for your home. Resistant, aesthetically pleasant and eco-friendly, wood bars are a key component of decoration and will add value to your house.

Wood keeps its beauty for a long time and doesn't go out of fashion. It is very resilient to every day stress and is a sustainable resource of Quebec. Moreover, this material has the smallest carbon footprint from its extraction to a finished product made of wood.



Ornamental guardrail Ornamental guardrail Ornamental guardrail

Ornamental Guard Rail

Our customized projects are unique and adapted to your needs.

Whether you want forged iron ramps, ornamental guardrails, expanded metal to create an industrial or an high-end classic look, the only limits are those of your imagination.